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Home town Tsukui    D100   Dec. 2003

   823~547 Pixels 182KB
   3,008~2,000 Pixels 1,106KB

  Camera Nikon D100
  Dec. 14, 2003
  Lens : Tamron SP AF28-75mm F2.8 XR Di  
  Image Quality  :Raw
  Exposure compensation   -0.3EV
  ISO :200
  Developed with NC4.1
Home town Tsukui   D70 Nov. 2004 

   823~547 Pixels  178KB
   3,008~2,000 Pixels 1,160KB

  Camera Nikon D70
  Nov. 28, 2004
  Lens :Nikkor 35mm F2.0 
   Image Quality  :Raw
  Exposure compensation  0EV
  ISO :200
  Developed with NC4.1

 The lens is thirty years old. But sharpness is rather better than newest zoom lenses.
Home town Tsukui    D200   Dec. 2005

   823x547 Pixels  130kB
   3,872x2592 Pixels 1427kB

  Camera Nikon D200
  Dec. 17, 2005
  Lens Sigma Zoom 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC
  Image Quality  RAW
  ISO 100
  Exposure compensation  -0.3EV
  Developed with NC 4.4

 This picture was taken at the same place as the upper ones. Please compare with Them.

Home town Tsukui    D300   Dec. 2007

  823547 Pixel 126kB
  4288x2848 Pixel 1.59kB

  Camera D300
  Taken on Dec.16, 2007
  Lens Nikkor 35mm F2.0
  Image Quality  RAW 
  Exposure compensation -0.3E
  Developed with Silkypix Developer Studio 3.0
  This picture was taken at the same place same season and same time as the upper ones. Please compare with Them.
Residential Aria in Honolulu   D70

  823~547 Pixels  211KB
  3,008~2,000 Pixels 1,284KB

  Sep. 8, 2004
  Lens :AF-S VR Nikkor ED 70-200mm F2.8G
  Image Quality  :Raw
  Exposure compensation :0EV
  ISO :200
  Developed by NC4.1