Autumn color around Highland Shiga

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We visited highlands in Nagano pref. called Kusatu-SHirane, Shiga-Kogen, and Ranch Yamada where are popular to enjoy autumn color in this season. I shot a lot of beautiful photos there. So I would like to share you some of them.@@( Oct. 17, 2002)

Kusatsu Shirane where is famous for its volcano

Highland Shiga Kogen

Ranch Yamada

Photograph's Data
EDate : Oct. 12 , 2002
ECamera : Nikon D100
ELens : AF-S Zoom Nikkor ED24-85mm F3.5-4.5G(IF)
           Tamron AF28-300 Ultra Zoom XR F3.5-6.3LD
EWhite balance : Auto
ETone Compensation. : Custom
EColor mode: V
EISO : 200/320/400
EExposure Compensation  0, -0.33,  (Reflected Histogram Check on each Shot)
EImage Quality : RAW
ESharpness : Normal
EResolution : L 3008~2000pixcls. Resized to 823~547pixels
EDeveloped Nikon Capture 3 and retouched  by PhotoShop 5